Bell Tents

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Little Wenfork Campsite – Bell Tents

What is the least pleasurable thing about camping?

Loading the car?

Finding a level site?

Erecting your tent?

Blowing up the air beds?

Setting up the tent and then forgetting one of the most important items?

Well you don’t have to do any of the above things if you come and stay with us in one of our lovely canvas Bell Tents!!!!!

inside 4 metre bell tentbell tent stove

Bell Tents are beautiful structures made out of pale coloured natural canvas and have provided shelter to thousands over the years. Both Bell Tents have cosy rugs, comfy beds, a gas cooking stove and BBQ, cooking pots and pans, crockery, cutlery, futon sofas, a hurricane lantern, wind up LED lantern and tea lights. They also all come with water carrier and a food pantry box. A Kitchen trolley holds all of your basic camping equipment as well as the double ring burner and grill (Gas). Each tent has a front canvas porch which is a good place to store any muddy boots away from the rest of the tent.

A Wooden table and chairs are also provided, and should the temperature be a little on the ‘cool side’ then you can use the ‘Pip Squeak’ wood burning stove.

The Bell Tents are well made with double stitched wax sealed seams to ensure complete water resistance. Every panel is made with a very high quality heavy duty treated canvas. All tents have a heavy duty flooring to keep everyone warm and dry. Two Bell Tents are 4 metres in diameter (huge!) with 2 foot side walls and a central height of 8 foot, they are light and airy structures and the sides can even be rolled up to create your own floating canopy. The third Bell Tent is 5 metres in diameter (much bigger) with 2 1/2 foot side walls & central height of 10 foot.


Frequently Asked Questions –

How many does each Bell Tent sleep?

Each 4 metre Bell Tent can comfortably accommodate two people. Inside there is one double sofa bed which can be folded away in the day to make a pleasant seating area. There is also room for a cot or small childs bed if required. The 5 metre Bell Tent can accommodate up to 4 people, there is one double futon sofabed and two single futon beds which could become a large second double. There is also room for a cot or small childs bed is required.

Will I be warm enough?

Yes, all of our Bell Tents have a 4 KW wood burning stove which will keep you all cosy and warm. Firewood and kindling is also provided.

Is the Bell Tent waterproof?

Yes, the Bell Tents are covered with a tough waterproof canvas layer which keeps out the worst the Cornish weather can throw at it.

Are the Bell Tents secure?

They are only as secure as any normal tent. Please be aware that they are located on a campsite which is accessible to all, Take your valuables with you or lock them in your car. Little Wenfork Campsite takes no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during your stay.

Do we need to bring bedding?

Yes, you will need to bring sheets, pillows and either duvets or sleeping bags.

Can we bring our pet?

I’m sorry but we do not allow pets inside the Bell Tents.

What do we need to bring with us?

We have tried to provide everything you might need to make your stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible. A full list will be provided of these items. However there are a few things that you will need to bring from home. In addition we advise you bring suitable clothes and footwear for all conditions.

Bell Tents supplied by Canvas & Cast Limited.